A great store…. Williams Sonoma Home

One of the most fun parts of being a designer is going shopping for accessories. I know not everyone is accessible to having an interior designer, so one of the places I think is great for getting ideas and buying tasteful accessories is Williams Sonoma Home. The showrooms are impeccably arranged, so if you need to put a room together and don’t have time to shop at several stores, it’s a great place for one stop shopping. They have a nice mix of eclectic, modern and traditional home accents. My favorite items there are the cachepots, pillows and desk accessories. The item in the picture is an outdoor urn/planter that I chose to use inside as a centerpiece. I love the look of this piece. It’s rustic, neutral in color, and can be filled with different items such as plants, ceramic balls, flowers or whatever you are in the mood for.  I always like to have a centerpiece that can be customized to fit the season/mood you are trying to create.  Now that spring is here, I will be placing flowers from my garden inside the urn. I love the look and scent of freshly cut flowers – It’s a great way to bring the sunny outdoors inside!


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