Design tips on remodeling a master bathroom – Before and After

Top Design tips for remodeling a master bathroom in the Main Line

A luxurious master bathroom is the new sanctuary for busy people. As a main line interior designer, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with large, suburban homes that really don’t need too much architectural or structural changes. Most of the bathrooms I work with have ample space but just look outdated. The following is a master bathroom remodel I did last year in Wayne, PA. Here are some simple tips to update your master bathroom to make it luxurious and livable.

First and foremost:

Replace a built in jacuzzi with a freestanding tub:

In the before photo, the tub looks very confined and closes up the space.



We removed the existing tub and replaced it with a freestanding tub, you can see how much it opens the area and looks so much prettier.

Another way to open up your master bathroom is to replace a closed wall in your shower with glass. This allows light in and gives the space a much lighter and open feel.




Add paneling on walls to frame your vanity mirrors: 

In this before photo, a single mirror is above the sink area and it looks very disconnected next to the window



In this after photo, we incorporated the mirror and the window into one united design, by custom wainscot paneling and the room looks finished and complete.




Build a cabinet in your master bathroom to store your toiletries.

In the before photo below, my client used boxes to hold their toiletries and the vanity top is very cluttered.



In the after photo, you can see that the custom built-in cabinet was incorporated into this bathroom for storage and not only does it looks beautiful, it is practical.



Some other master bathroom design tips:

Keep it light:

Try to use light paint colors to brighten up your master bath. In this space, I used Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 throughout.

Use smaller scale floor tiles: 

The larger the tile, the more challenges. First and foremost, I believe in safety first. Depending on the tile chosen, you have a higher risk of slipping when the tile is bigger. I chose a mosaic tile to mitigate and slip and fall accidents. I used a larger scale calacutta gold to frame the perimeter so the mosaic isn’t overwhelming.

Add mirrors: 

It’s a master bathroom, we need to see what we look like! And it also makes the space look bigger and brighter

If your budget allows, add a built in tv into the mirror:

I added a built in tv into the bathroom mirror, it’s such a fun and luxurious splurge. Keep in mind that the color of the mirror is a little bit more blue than a regular mirror.

Add drapes to frame the window:

Nothing adds more refinement and luxury than a pair of drapery panels to soften up a hard space.

Glam it up with crystal:

I love adding crystal chandeliers and sconces in a master bathroom. A pop of bling is always fun, luxurious and classy. Just make sure you invest in a fixture with high quality Swarovski crystal, it makes a huge difference. Otherwise it can look cheap and tacky.

Good luck!