Eggshell Salt and Pepper Servers as seen on the NBC 10 Show and NBC Baltimore

salt and pepper

I love Easter and I love coming up with fun and creative tabletop ideas for Easter Brunch!
Here’s a super-easy idea I came up with to serve salt and pepper for your special Easter celebration.
Take an egg, crack it gently around the top quarter with a serrated knife. Empty out the contents and rinse it thoroughly  to get the yolk and residue all out. Dry the egg well. I found that the best way to dry the egg is to put a chopstick in a glass and hang the egg upside down for a day (at least overnight). You want to make sure the eggshell is dried well because it hardens the shell.
I cut the corner of an empty egg carton as a holder, put some moss on the bottom, and glued a ribbon around the perimeter.  You can paint the carton, eggs, and be as creative and colorful as you wish! I chose to stick with a neutral color palate because I tend to gravitate towards neutrals.
With a black paint marker I wrote the “S” and “P” and let it dry. Pour the salt and pepper in the shells and get a small spoon on the side to serve. I bought my spoon from Kitchen Kapers, but I’m sure you can find one at any cooking store. If you have a long table, make 2 of these, one for each side of the table.
Happy Easter!!!


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