Design tips on remodeling a master bathroom – Before and After

Top Design tips for remodeling a master bathroom in the Main Line

A luxurious master bathroom is the new sanctuary for busy people. As a main line interior designer, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with large, suburban homes that really don’t need too much architectural or structural changes. Most of the bathrooms I work with have ample space but just look outdated. The following is a master bathroom remodel I did last year in Wayne, PA. Here are some simple tips to update your master bathroom to make it luxurious and livable.

First and foremost:

Replace a built in jacuzzi with a freestanding tub:

In the before photo, the tub looks very confined and closes up the space.



We removed the existing tub and replaced it with a freestanding tub, you can see how much it opens the area and looks so much prettier.

Another way to open up your master bathroom is to replace a closed wall in your shower with glass. This allows light in and gives the space a much lighter and open feel.




Add paneling on walls to frame your vanity mirrors: 

In this before photo, a single mirror is above the sink area and it looks very disconnected next to the window



In this after photo, we incorporated the mirror and the window into one united design, by custom wainscot paneling and the room looks finished and complete.




Build a cabinet in your master bathroom to store your toiletries.

In the before photo below, my client used boxes to hold their toiletries and the vanity top is very cluttered.



In the after photo, you can see that the custom built-in cabinet was incorporated into this bathroom for storage and not only does it looks beautiful, it is practical.



Some other master bathroom design tips:

Keep it light:

Try to use light paint colors to brighten up your master bath. In this space, I used Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 throughout.

Use smaller scale floor tiles: 

The larger the tile, the more challenges. First and foremost, I believe in safety first. Depending on the tile chosen, you have a higher risk of slipping when the tile is bigger. I chose a mosaic tile to mitigate and slip and fall accidents. I used a larger scale calacutta gold to frame the perimeter so the mosaic isn’t overwhelming.

Add mirrors: 

It’s a master bathroom, we need to see what we look like! And it also makes the space look bigger and brighter

If your budget allows, add a built in tv into the mirror:

I added a built in tv into the bathroom mirror, it’s such a fun and luxurious splurge. Keep in mind that the color of the mirror is a little bit more blue than a regular mirror.

Add drapes to frame the window:

Nothing adds more refinement and luxury than a pair of drapery panels to soften up a hard space.

Glam it up with crystal:

I love adding crystal chandeliers and sconces in a master bathroom. A pop of bling is always fun, luxurious and classy. Just make sure you invest in a fixture with high quality Swarovski crystal, it makes a huge difference. Otherwise it can look cheap and tacky.

Good luck!




Philadelphia Style Magazine “Best of Style” Award – Main Line Interior Designer

Semerjian Interiors wins Best of Style Philadelphia Style Magazine – Interior Designer

I am so excited to announce that Semerjian Interiors won the Best of Style award in the July 2015 issue of Philadelphia Style Magazine. Thank you to the wonderful editors that gave me this honor! I’m honored to be part of Philadelphia’s best and brightest. Semerjian Interiors is proud to represent the Mainline as Best in Customized Designs. As a Main Line interior designer it is truly flattering to be recognized among the best in Philadelphia along with Jonathan Adler and Roche Bobois. Thank you Philadelphia Style and congratulations to all the winners! 11705539_876383475730335_4838897408134606152_o11731907_876383479063668_6454279059255457890_o


Devon, the Main Line, and Interior Design


Moving from San Francisco to the Main Line was a big step for me, but what was even more challenging was getting used to the traditional design aesthetic of the area. The Philadelphia Main Line is rich with tradition, stemming from country estates that were homes to Philadelphia’s wealthiest families in the 19th Century. The homes in the area have a very distinctive style and the residents have very distinctive taste. (Think tweeds, plaids, Scalamandre and Ralph Lauren). I must admit, I had a very difficult time getting used to this. When I first moved to the Main Line (17 years ago) my taste was extremely modern. When I designed my first kitchen, I couldn’t even imagine having a raised panel on a kitchen cabinet, and placing one on a refrigerator was like the ultimate sin! How could people hide the beauty of stainless steel? The thought of intricate crown molding or fancy wainscoting made me cringe. An ogee edge on a countertop was scoffed upon. I would get into countless debates with my husband (who’s a custom home builder and from the area) regarding the details of what we were going to build and his argument was that the resale value of our home would be terrible if we built a super modern home. Not many from the main line appreciated modern design at the time and so I was forced to change my design aesthetic. Change is good. 17 years later, as a main line interior designer in Devon, my taste has now evolved to appreciate detail on cabinetry, add intricate moldings and detailed wainscoting to my projects, and respect and appreciate the tradition and beauty of this culturally rich area. My design work has become the true definition of “Transitional Design”  – living in the Main Line has taught me to mix the old with the new, fuse the modern with the traditional, and merge simplicity with sophistication. For the past 8 years I’ve been living in Devon, which is home to the Devon Horse Show, the nations oldest and largest horse competition in the US. (Now I even have horse motifs in my own home)! I value the tradition of this area and feel it is important to reflect this in my design. It’s important to stay true to your environment and the beauty of interior design is that you can respect tradition while embracing new ideas.



Semerjian Interiors Main Line home Featured in Philadelphia Style Magazine

Wow, I am really excited and honored to be featured in  Philadelphia Style Magazine ‘s December 2012 issue. My husband Mark, who is a custom home builder (Semerjian Builders) and I built our house together. It was truly an interesting experience to say the least, he was my toughest client! LOL. We worked really hard to create our dream home and as you can see from this article, our hard work paid off!


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The final reveal: The lucky winners of the Houzz.com

The lucky winners of the Houzz.com and Design Within Reach Sweepstakes renovation is completed by Semerjian Interiors!


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Semerjian Interiors on MSN Real Estate

I was truly surprised when I saw my DIY banquette seating tips come up on msn.com! I had given some design tips on how to build your own banquette seating on Mainstreet.com, and I was so excited to see my tips on the homepage of msn real-estate! See below for the written step by step directions….
DIY Banquette Seating for your Kitchen or Breakfast Nook
If you have the space, a very popular and desirable look is having “built-in” banquette seating for your breakfast area. This adds coziness and warmth to your eating area and adds that extra storage we all need! Under a window is an ideal spot for this and we all know that not enough homes come with window seats!

1. Build the base:

You can go to Ikea, Lowes or Home Depot to purchase the cabinets. Some of these stores will work with you for your exact dimensions so bring your measurements to pick the right cabinet widths. I recommend a 15″ cabinet height at least.
In order for the doors to open, you need to raise the cabinets off the ground. Otherwise they will scrape the floors. You can do this by laying 2×4 planks of wood across the span of where you want the cabinets to lay on (similar to a train track).

2. Install Cabinetry

Install cabinets on top of the 2×4’s and secure them to the existing flooring with construction adhesive and screws.
Add trim work on face of the 2×4 for a finished look. I recommend using a 1×4 toe kick to be painted the same color as the cabinet. You can purchase these at any home improvement store.
Add handles on cabinets.

3. Add Seat Cushion – Another DIY Project or you can take to an upholsterer to make the cushion..

DIY Seat Cushion
You will need the following items:
  • Lumber
  • Fabric
  • Poly foam (3 inch minimum
  • Batting
  • Wood glue
  • Staple Gun
  • Iron
Purchase Fabric – you can to to JoAnn Fabrics for tons of fabulous fabrics.
Measure the bench to determine how much wood you’ll need for the seat and purchase plywood from a home improvement store. They will cut this for you.
Cut the poly foam with a serrated knife to fit on top of your wood and use wood glue to glue the foam to the wood.
Once the glue is dry, cover the foam with batting and trim to fit. Use a staple gun to staple the batting to the underside of the wood.  Take extra caution to make sure the batting is smooth.
Lay the wood, batting side down on top of your upside-down fabric. Fold the fabric like you are wrapping a present around the batting to ensure no loose corners. Pull the fabric super tight and staple to the wood with a staple gun all around the underside perimeter.
Cut excess fabric and secure the cushion to the bench seat.
Enjoy your lovely built-in!


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Semerjian is chosen Interior Designer for Houzz/Design Within Reach Sweepstakes

I am SUPER EXCITED about this project.  Carl and Mary Pucul, a wonderful couple from Vandling, PA are the lucky winners of a $40,000 sweepstakes from Houzz.com and Design Within Reach. Carl and Mary had the opportunity to choose from several top interior designers that were hand picked from Houzz.com and after interviewing several designers from PA, NY and Connecticut, they chose me to work with them for this awesome project. I am so lucky! I can’t wait for the big reveal – it is going to be stellar!!! Stay tuned…


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Incorporating Fall’s Top Fashion Trends into your Home Decor

Semerjian Interiors on NBC Baltimore!

I look forward to doing this segment every fall because I love fall fashion and its so much fun to incorporate the trends into your home decor!


This is probably the biggest trend for fall – Leather!!!! You are seeing it all over the runways, leather pants are huge this season. Very easy to work this trend into your home. Not only is it durable but it also has a sleek look.
You can afford to put leather in your homes with some seating options from Kmart. Parsons chair is only $54.99 and the barstool is only $39.99! www.kmart.com


Lots of bling and sparkle on the runways. Sears has a REALLY FUN bath collection! This is part of the Kardashian line, gotta love my fellow Armenian friends! We both have the crazy last names…
Tons of sparkle in this collection, love these shower hooks! The collection comes in lavender and black – once again, very affordably priced. It’s really easy to transform a bathroom, it’s one stop shopping for a fresh, updated look. You can purchase them online at Sears

Navy Blue

Navy is the new Black for the Fall. We all love Navy Blue, it’s such a versatile color. Our jeans our navy and we love them because we can wear them with absolutely anything! An easy and affordable way to incorporate it is through your dishware! Blue is a great color, and Kmart has a fabulous dish collection for $49.99 for a 16 piece set.

Black and White and Geometric Prints

This is a forever classic color combo when it comes to fashion and home decor! It will never go out and works with literally every type of home decor style.I found the fabulous Houndstooth throw and the fun black and white accessories at Homegoods. It’s really easy to update a room in a pinch with a fun throw over a sofa or a chair paired up with some matching accessories.


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